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Nexans, a worldwide leading expert in the cable industry, has been manufacturing underground high voltage cables since the late 1960s.  As a well-recognized player in the high-voltage cable market Nexans has successfully supplied cables for major projects around the world from its facilities in Belgium, Switzerland, Norway and Germany.


To complete our global offering, and recognizing the growing demand in the Americas for XLPE insulated, solid-dielectric cables, Nexans is making an $85 million investment in the construction of a green field manufacturing facility in South Carolina.  Nexans High Voltage USA Inc will manufacture extra high voltage, 69kV to 500kV, XLPE solid dielectric underground cables, up to 5,000 kcmil for the North American, South American and Caribbean markets.  The new 350,000 square foot facility is situated in an industrial park in Charleston, at the edge of the navigable waters of the Cooper River and is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. This facility will manufacture extra high-voltage, 69kV to 500kV, XLPE underground cables.  Cable production will begin in July 2014. 


In addition to cable manufacturing, Nexans manufactured accessories and cable installation, by our experienced technicians, is available. 

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