Signalling cables

Multi-core cables Signalling and control cables

  • Typically K22 (RATP), A-2Y2YV, A-2Y2YB2Y, A-2Y2YDB2Y
  • Copper, multi-core signaling and control cables are hybrid energy/telecom cables providing low-voltage energy and two-way telecommunications for wayside equipment, vital relays and systems for advanced train control.

Nexans is involved in the London Underground’s Jubilee Northern Upgrade Program which will overhaul, upgrade and refit signalling on key lines. Other subway projects include the Daegu Subway line and Incheon International Airport in Korea, Santiago, Sao Paolo, New Delhi and Hanoi, Reims, and Algiers. In the US, Nexans is a prime supplier to AnsaldoSTS (Pittsburg). In Australia, Nexans has just extended its supply contract with Railcorp.

Product leaflet : Multipair hybrid energy/telecom cables

Multi-quad cables

  • Typically K23 (RATP), ZPAU & ZPFU (SNCF), A-2Y(L)2YV or AJ-2Y(L)2YDB2Y
  • Copper multi-pair signalling cables are twisted pairs or quad cables providing low frequency and two-way telecommunications for field equipments.

For major railway operators, Nexans has developed customized EM-immunity (high-reduction factor) cables which are especially important for high-speed lines. Recent successes include several subway projects, like Santiago (Chile), New Delhi and Hanoi; and subway projects in Reims (France) and Algiers.

Axle counter cables  Axle counter cables

  • These cables connect trackside counting points which determine train presence, direction of travel, length, number of wagons and integrity.

Product leaflet : Axle counter and balise cables

Balise cables Balise cables

  • Nexans advanced balise cables are flexible, resistant and have Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for HF communications to eventually integrate a fully radio-based GSM-R traffic management system.

Recent projects include the Marmaray project (to link the European and Anatolian halves of Istanbul by an undersea earthquake-proof tunnel under the Bosphorus), and the New Delhi metro. 

DuoTrack® cable  DUOTrack cable

  • Figure-8 duplex copper/fiber cable, which is securely clamped right on the tracks
  • It is used to provide routing information with communications and control functions for regional railway lines, including ETCS capability.
  • Fast and easy to install, it saves 30-40% of installation time
  • DuoTrack® achieves overall ownership cost savings of over 50%.

In 2009, Nexans received a three-year framework contract from Deutsche Bahn for a DuoTrack® system of about 1,000 km. Nexans not only worked closely with DB, but also with system integrators to achieve a truly unified turnkey solution.