Human Resources Priorities

Developing skills and involving our teams

workers 1Developing skills, encouraging a customer focus, building commitment, sharing knowledge and best practices, and providing the resources necessary for business growth and evolution – by building up its employees and helping them realize their potential, Nexans ensures its continued international expansion.

Predicting human resources need

To drive its growth and prepare for the future, Nexans supports its employees by helping them develop skills in line with the Group’s needs and encouraging manager mobility. Nexans’ Human Resources Department sets common policies and procedures and coordinates certain issues such as manager career development, compensation policies, workplace safety, employee access to IT systems, and performance reviews.

The Group is also managing its future skills needs and career paths more effectively. It has set up a Group-level Career Management Committee and encourages country divisions to set up similar Committees.

Attracting talent and encouraging mobility

workers 2Recruitment is another of the Group’s growth drivers. Nexans is preferring young graduates able to work in an international environment. It also strengthened its central marketing and finance staff and its pool of future managers through an emphasis on local recruitment.

Nexans is still increasing its presence and recruitment efforts at major engineering schools. The Group also favors internal promotions and employee mobility.

Promoting training and facilitating knowledge transfer

Training enables each employee to improve his or her performance and build the skills needed to make the Group’s strategy a success.  It encourages and facilitates the sharing of best practices, and unites employees around common values, goals, and methods.

Nexans set up a management training program for supervisors and technicians in the Asia region, and continued to roll out a lot of program for men and women around the world.

Finally, Nexans decided to open a Nexans University designed to promote the Nexans Way internationally, in all the main fields of management.

Workplace health and safety: a focus on prevention

workers 3Nexans is committed to protecting its employees’ health and safety, and has processes in place to make sure that all the equipment and installations at each site are completely secure. The Group has implemented programs with high standards. These programs were launched through a major information campaign designed to increase employees’ safety awareness in all their activities, both at work and at home. The number of accidents at Nexans Norway has already dropped and continue to do so.

An open labor dialogue

Through Newco, the Nexans European Work Council representing 13 countries, the Group maintains an open dialogue with labor union representatives. Newco meets twice a year. Discussions are centered primarily on the acceleration of the Group’s manufacturing improvement program and its implications for employees, as well as the Group’s strategic plan.

When Nexans is required to restructure its operations, it helps employees find new jobs either within or outside the company by offering training and personalized support if needed.

An attractive compensation policy

Building employees’ commitment involves implementing an attractive, coherent compensation policy, which Nexans has established in a spirit of transparency and fairness while taking into account the local conditions at each site.

Manager compensation is made up of a fixed salary plus a variable bonus tied to goals set at the start of the year; some of these goals are linked to the Group’s financial performance. Sales people are also eligible for a profit-sharing scheme and a bonus tied to their entity’s results.

Almost all of Nexans’ French subsidiaries have set up employee profit-sharing plans, and many of its international subsidiaries have similar programs depending on the regulations in effect in each country. Finally, Nexans offered stock options to certain managers who are not on the Executive Committee. Nexans also introduce, worldwide employee share ownership plan.