Nexans' answers

Nexans supplies a complete range of cables and accessories for telecom infrastructures. This includes all cables and components of the passive infrastructure needed to support, strengthen and deploy both xDSL and FTTx networks. This passive infrastructure has to match the Access Network in various configurations: dense urban network, multi-dwelling, residential areas.

Telecom network peopleWe are at home in both wireline and mobile communication systems, and offer Right-of-Way solutions which use existing pathways for both urban and intercity connections: subways, railways, power lines, city sewers, etc. In fact, we are constantly finding ways to lessen the cost of outside plant and cabling - arguably the most significant part of network deployment, especially when land leasing, purchase or expensive civil engineering are involved.

This philosophy is what led us to upgrade our xDSL copper products to the point where they now rival fiber as a transmission medium. It also led us to develop a new generation of fiber-optic micro-cables which can be blown faster and farther in existing duct infrastructure. Both of these important innovations are being applied throughout the telecom landscape in all environments and around the globe. In addition, we supply equipment manufacturers with the latest cables and accessories needed to serve this rapidly expanding market.

Nexans helps you deploy faster, increase revenue, lower costs :

  • Unsurpassed range of telecommunications cables and interconnect solutions
  • Global expertise for upgrading existing networks and creating new ones
  • Resources for layout, design, testing, maintenance, and training
  • Ongoing, integrated R&D for both copper and optical fiber cables and interconnect solutions
  • Advanced installation techniques for urban/intercities, including ROWs
  • Fire-safety cables to protect the public and telecommunications infrastructure
  • International industrial and sales organization for integrated global carriers and suppliers
  • Proven expertise in Triple-Play convergence of voiceimage-data
  • Familiarity with merging mobile and land-based services for future 4-Play services
  • Innovation and customized development of specific products that become off-the-shelf
  • Reliable delivery through dedicated logistics, and plant capacity worldwide
  • Environmentally-friendly products with high performance shielding and low EMI
  • Open standards, while conforming with telecom legislation and specifications worldwide