Berk-Tek Cable Performance Now Verified Beyond Industry Standards

Intertek Verifies LANmark Product Performance to Manufacturer's Specification

Berk-Tek UTP LANmark GroupMany manufacturers claim enhanced performance for return loss, near- and far-end crosstalk, and insertion loss. 


But who is willing to prove it? 

With our new ETL LANmark Verification Program, you can be certain that our LANmark Premium UTP products deliver on the promises offered in their specifications.


The third-party verification can leave no doubt as to the robustness of the LANmark-350, LANmark-1000 & LANmark-2000 cables. And soon, LANmark-10G2 will be added to this program, to provide you with independent verification of our full line of world-class Category 6a, Category 6 and Category 5e UTP products. 


Berk-Tek is the first manufacturer to establish this level of testing with Intertek, the world's largest independent testing, inspection and certification provider and proprietor of the ETL Verification Mark.

To support the ongoing program, Intertek will select LANmark-350, LANmark-1000 and LANmark-2000 products at random directly from the manufacturing floor and then test to the rigorous specifications outlined in the Berk-Tek Product Specifications.


How much better than the standard are Berk-Tek LANmark Products?

This table highlights just some of the characteristics where Berk-Tek LANmark products deliver verified performance above the standards.


LANmark Performance v standard

Review the ETL Verification documents and the individual product specification sheets for full performance details.

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