Sustainable development drives economic growth and is a powerful vehicle for progress.

 Christopher Guérin Nexans Chief Executive OfficerWe are living in a time of change unprecedented in terms of its scope and speed. In an increasingly urbanized, automated, mobile, digital and connected world, the electricity that our cables transport and distribute is everywhere where we live, learn, work and interact, and its use is growing by the day. It is a source of development and quality of life for those who have access to it, and their number is growing steadily. However, the rise in global electricity demand, which should exceed 80% by 2040(1), brings huge challenges.

Successfully making the energy and ecological transition is no longer merely an option. It is now a necessity that we share daily with our customers and suppliers. We place our expertise, technology and capacity for innovation at the service of safer, more efficient and more sustainable energies, transport, buildings and communications.

Safety is our main priority. The accident frequency rate for our employees has more than halved in three years. We need to make further progress. Our cables and services contribute to the safety and performance of our customers’ operations. Each day, we strive to satisfy their needs and we innovate to meet the challenges that lie ahead for them.

We are also improving the environmental management of our production sites, product design, production processes, waste recycling and our supply chain in order to manage our impact on the environment. We offer solutions to our customers enabling them to process their cable waste during installation or at end-of-life together with waste traceability.

The world is changing and the conditions around competition also. They demand that we evolve in order to ensure we remain durably flexible and competitive. We rely on regular and constructive dialogue between management and employees aimed at implementing the necessary reorganizations under the best possible conditions of support for the employees concerned. We are committed to developing our employees’ skills in order to encourage working in project mode and openness to change, and to recognize and value expertise and talent.

A global player in the cable industry, we contribute to improving the quality of life. Today, 1.3 billion eople do not have access to electricity(2). We stand on the side of the solutions: those that will eventually provide everyone on the planet with responsible access to electricity. This is a tremendous incentive for us to commit to sustainable and shared energy. Together, we bring energy to life.


Christopher Guérin

Chief Executive Officer


1 - International Energy Agency – Central scenario - WEO 2014.

2 - United Nations World Water Development Report - WWR 2014.

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