An open social dialogue

Social relationships are based on respect and dialogue within the entire Group.

Social dialogue

Nexans enjoys high quality labor relations thanks to a shared willingness to communicate, discuss and negotiate. Discussions generally focus on salaries, employability, the economic situation, work organization, health and safety, and changes in the working environment.

A particular focus is placed on improving:

  • compensation and benefits (salaries, bonuses, profit sharing etc.);
  • organizational issues (skills and performance, job classifications, restructuring etc.);
  • working conditions (working time, training, paid leave, health and safety, psychosocial risks, strenuous working conditions, non-discrimination, gender equality, etc.).

Over 30 collective agreements to some sixty topics addressed were signed in 15 countries in 2014.

In Europe, the European Works Council Newco, represents employees from eight European countries and addresses the economic situation and strategic direction of the Group. It meets twice a year and is chaired by the Group’s CEO.