Energy and Environment

On-site environmental management

Nexans is continuing its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment via an environmental management system that is currently in operation at all of its sites.

Eco-production: producing and distributing better

Consuming less, producing better and reducing the environmental impact of our activities are just a few of the goals that fuel the Group’s innovation policy and industrial performance program.

REACh-ing for chemical safety

REACH is a European Union regulation  that requires producers and importers to submit information on chemical substances produced in or imported to the EU market.

Life Cycle Assessment of our products

Nexans strives to develop products that both meet customers’ needs and have a minimum impact on the environment over their entire lifecycle.

Nexans recycling solutions: your cable waste has never been more valuable!

You don’t know what to do with your cable waste? You don’t want to worry about related legal obligations and constraints? We have a solution for you, that will also bring you a financial benefit.