Expertise and optimization of industry solutions

Nexans works alongside its customers in industrial fields like conventional energy production, naval, aeronautic and automobile construction, automation and robotics to provide reliable, high-performance solutions with a focus on quality.

Expertise and optimization of industry solutions

Nexans designs cables for industry that are increasingly more resistant and more reliable:

  • improved strength for material handling
  • enhanced safety for planes
  • optimized communication for offshore projects , where umbilical cables are equipped with sensors that can detect the slightest anomaly and immediately alert the control center

Nexans is manufacturing lighter cables for use in means of transport like planes, ships, cars and trucks, thereby reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to the use of an alloy with high mechanical strength, signal cables allow savings in terms of weight, volume and energy efficiency, all the while reducing considerably the impact of these types of cable on the environment.

Nexans has also developed a signaling and control cable with the same conductivity and the same tensile strength as standard cables, while containing half as much copper. Lighter, more compact and more economical, it is suitable for numerous applications, such as operating the many LEDs and sensors found in transportation vehicles.

Lighter cables for the giant in the sky

From high-temperature cables to low-loss coaxial cables, from data-buses for in-flight entertainment systems to fire-resistant wires, Nexans has developed cables that integrate aluminum and optical fiber conductors for the Airbus A380. These cables reduce the weight of the plane’s cabling system by 10%, decrease the risk of electric arc propagation and resist ever higher temperatures up to 350°C for 1,000 hours!