Petrobras COMPERJ complex (Rio de Janeiro)

Petrobras COMPERJ complex (Rio de Janeiro)

Petrobras COMPERJ complex (Rio de Janeiro)Project description:

  • The COMPERJ complex is planned to come on line in 2013, capable of processing 165,000 barrels of heavy crude oil per day.
  • Nexans will interconnect the two main high voltage substations.

Customer challenges:

  • Distance between the 2 substations is 3.25 km.
  • Cables need to be carried by pipe racks mounted 20 meters above the ground, requiring a special cable design and adequate cable-pulling machinery.

Petrobras COMPERJ complex (Rio de Janeiro)Nexans’ solutions:

  • Nexans provides a complete turnkey solution including 19.5 km of 345 kV XLPE-insulated cables with termination, premoulded joints, an earthing system and corresponding installation services.
  • The cable is a technological achievement, with a smooth aluminium sheath welded directly over the cable isolation. The cable is 100% watertight, more robust and lighter compared to lead or copper wire sheathing.