Meeting the Needs of the Healthcare Market

Specialized Solutions for Special Challenges

Healthcare I.T. networks are being tasked to manage many disparate applications that are converging on IP.  With the advent of constantly changing technology that is driving everything IP, the network infrastructure becomes the essential vehicle to transport all data, voice and video functions within the confines of one building out to a multitude of facilities worldwide. In addition, government initiatives and industry standards are working towards a common goal to make all healthcare records digital, which requires the network to deliver this information faster and more reliably than ever.

These copper and fiber structured cabling systems provide the reliable network options that provide solutions to the following challenges:

  • Higher Bandwidth for larger graphic imaging requiring instant access.  In addition IP devices are continually being added to the I.T. network that require a robust and flexible infrastructure
  • Complex Densities in the healthcare infrastructure takes on a whole new meaning-- from port density in the equipment rooms, TR’s and at the many different and unique work areas to pathway density for redundant cable runs and a multitude of applications.
  • Government Initiatives are working towards the completion of all healthcare facilities to have Electronic Health Records (EHR) for telemedical collaboration.
  • New Industry Standards – TIA, ANSI and BICSI are addressing the unique requirements of the healthcare environment through standards documents.  The ANSI/TIA-1179 Healthcare Facility Telecommunications Cabling Systems standards were ratified in 2010.

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