About Nexans AmerCable

Nexans AmerCable is the global leader in cable and cable assembly solutions for mission-critical equipment operating in harsh environments, including:

  • Oil & Gas Drilling and Production AmerCable Gexol
  • Surface and Underground Mining
  • Renewable Energy — Solar and Wind
  • General Industrial Applications
  • Top Drive Service Loops

Nexans AmerCable's highly flexible cables are innovatively engineered for greater durability and reliability. Our customer-driven solutions-based sales approach helps AmerCable customers make more money by achieving higher productivity, greater equipment uptime, safer working environments, and lower total cost of ownership. AmerCable's passion for speed and operations excellence drives our ability to deliver product in the shortest lead times (twice as fast as our competitors) at an industry-best on-time delivery rate (99%).

Nexans AmerCable believes that teaching our customers how to extend the service life, safely handle, deploy and repair their cables is good for everyone. AmerCable is the industry leader in engineering support, training and education.

Nexans AmerCable manufactures some of the most famous brands in the cable industry, including:

  • Tiger® Brand Mining Cables
  • Gexol® World Class Oil & Gas Cables
  • CIR® Crush & Impact Cables

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