Fire-zone and high-temperature area cables

Fire-zone and high-temperature area cablesThese types of cable are used in hot areas, engines and the nacelle environment. Their functions vary from carrying signals to transmitting energy. Nexans’ offer includes both European and American standards. Our range of cables answer both flame/fire retardant and fire-resistant requirements. Thanks to their enhanced properties, they guarantee circuit integrity in case of a fire. They all meet international aircraft standards, as well as stringent OEM norms.
Fire-zone and HT cables

  • APU
  • Engines
  • Nacelles


  • AWG 24 to 4/0
  • Fire-proof and fire-resistant insulations
  • High temperature from 260°C to 310°C
  • Arc-tracking resistant
  • Nickel-clad copper/copper-alloy conductors


  • MIL-DTL 25038
  • BMS13-55 & BMS13-58
  • New EN standards (2346 & 4608)

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