Customized cables for specific applications

Customized cables for specific applicationsTo meet demands for new customized cables that suit specific technical requirements, Nexans has AS9100 & ISO9001 certified facilities in France, the US and Morocco who can design and manufacture everything from ultra-low-weight shielded cable for satellites to coiled cables for cockpit, special sensor cables, flight-test wires, low-noise cables for vibration-prone areas, custom-built coaxial assemblies for SATCOM systems, and various hybrid cables.

Specialty products

  • • For cockpit, crew and passenger areas
  • • Avionics, communications and navigation
  • • To meet special needs throughout the aircraft


  • Multi-core, screened, jacketed, and extendable coil cords
  • Coaxial assemblies for SATCOM
  • Flight-test wires
  • Thermocouple extension wires
  • Low-noise cables
  • Ultra-low-weight shields
  • Hybrid cables combining hook-up wires, power feeders, shielded cables and coaxes.


  • Coil cords: ASNE, ABS, ECS
  • Flight test: ASNE TV, BG, SU, VF
  • Thermocouple ext: MBBN 3320YH
  • Low noise: NSA, ESW, Vibrometrer, CAS
  • Nexans standards & Mil spec

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