Lighter and arc tracking resistant cables for airbus 380 passenger aircraft

Lighter cables for Airbus 380 passenger aircraft

Project description:

  • New specs for aluminum cables make significant space and weight gains.

Customer challenges:

  • Airbus was already using aluminum, but needed a new generation of cables that were compatible with lugs and terminations.

Nexans solutions:

• Created a new range of cables with a tape-wrapped insulation that allowed a 5% weight gain over previous cables.

• Today, Airbus is applying this power cable to A380 aircraft, and other OEMs are following their lead. Similar cables have also been used on the American space shuttles, and the Mars Exploration Rover Missions.

• Furthermore, Nexans developed a new generation of fire-resistant cable following the latest and most stringent European norms, which bring both benefits: light weight and arc-tracking resistance in bundled configurations.