Hybrid cables for military applications

Hybrid cables for military applications

Project description:

A leading contractor for the US Department of Defense asked Nexans to design multifunction cables with enhanced mechanical and electrical performance.

Customer challenges:

The contractor needed an electrical wire interconnect system that met severe weight restrictions, while offering a very high level of performance in terms of flexibility, cut-through resistance and abrasion resistance. It had to carry signal, power, and high-speed data, and had to incorporate only Mil-spec certified components.

Nexans solutions:

Nexans submitted four designs for hybrid cables made of twisted pairs, twin-axes, coaxes and multi-core cables to the contractor, and provided samples so that its partner could provide terminations and then submit the cables for rigorous testing. After extensive testing for mechanical and electrical performance, they were found to be a superior solution. Nexans and its partner were awarded the contract for eight years and have since been given a four-year extension.