The TEK Center

At Berk-Tek, we know that selecting the right network infrastructure is a critically important decision. In this fast changing industry, making the right decision now can pay big dividends later. That’s why Berk-Tek built The TEK Center.

Located at Berk-Tek’s headquarters in New Holland, Pennsylvania, The TEK Center features a showcase for data center and enterprise networks and includes two world class labs focused on applications and new materials development. The TEK Center provides insight on how to solve your network challenges by allowing you to experience the latest technology, learn about emerging applications and witness world class research and development.


Data Center

In the data center showcase, you’ll have the opportunity to touch, feel and experience different infrastructures and topologies. We can customize the display to help you determine which option best fits your needs. You’ll also be able to see different migration paths and how to get the greatest density for your dollar. The TEK Center specialists can address your design challenges and recommend flexible, high-density solutions.



Applications Lab

The Applications Lab has the capability to characterize all parts of networking systems and translate those requirements into test scenarios that are relevant in real world environments. We put our cables through rigorous testing of real world applications to ensure they perform beyond expectations.




The enterprise space contains examples of various environments including indoor, outdoor, security, office, campus and more. The demonstrations use Berk-Tek products in real-world applications to demonstrate where maximum performance for voice, data & power make a big difference in network performance. You’ll be able to hear the difference in quality using VoIP and see the difference in video applications when utilizing different grades of cabling.


Materials Lab

The engineers in the materials lab formulate and develop innovative materials and processing techniques for Berk-Tek’s high performing cables. As more devices connect to the network, more applications operate simultaneously and more power is transmitted, materials play a huge role in installation and operating performance.