Fincantieri’s Viking Ocean Cruises ships with Safe Return to Port technology

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean CruisesProject description

  • Four new Viking Ocean Cruises ships being constructed by Fincantieri
  • 473-cabin ships have a gross tonnage of 48,000 tons.

Customer challenges

  • Safe Return to Port (SRtP), introduced by the International Maritime Organization, specifies that critical systems and services must remain operational on passenger ships for at least three hours long enough for them to either make a safe return to port or evacuate the ship if a serious incident occurs
  • The cables not only need to be fi re resistant, they must also withstand both physical shock loads and the thermal shocks.

Nexans solutions

  • 1,100 km of cables delivered
  • Nexans developed advanced fi re resistant SRtP (Safe return to Port) products for enhanced safety on board
  • LRS certifi cation.