OneReach PoE Extender System: 100 meters is no longer the limit

As more and more organizations strive to integrate physical security and building automation systems with their overall IP network, new challenges rise to the surface. Near the top of the list is how to provide power and data connectivity to devices that need to be positioned in locations far from the network hardware.

Berk-Tek’s OneReach™ solution is a game changer for remote applications like security cameras, campus security phones and wireless access points. By combining fiber cable for long-distance data transmission and copper cable for PoE in a single composite cable, OneReach takes PoE and PoE+ to all new distances. 


Whether you need to enable gigabit access for a single wireless access point for a common study area on campus or to support multiple cameras securing a remote parking area, the OneReach system gives you the power to get the job done simply and cost-effectively.

For more information, download the OneReach System brochure