Training and development: contributing to mutual success

Nexans is committed to recognizing its teams to giving each of its employees the means to grow and to express their full potential within the Group.

Nexans University training

Developing competencies

Think customer, Value people, Commit to Excellence, Take action, Be responsible, Work globally are the six values that Nexans promotes beginning with recruitment stage and throughout the development of careers.

By developing the competencies of its employees, Nexans also develops cross trained flexible people. Promoting mobility, ensuring better flexibility and reactivity allow Nexans to anticipate its future jobs.

Skills appraisals, independent of the annual performance review, are held between each employee and his or her supervisor, to evaluate the employee’s skills levels based on a common model and to develop an appropriate development and training plan.

Nexans trains Nexans

Created in 2007, Nexans University develops potential, encourages knowledge sharing, deploys standards and best practices, and promotes a common culture in areas that are essential to the Group’s success.

Twenty virtual academies represent all the major functions of the Group. They identify internal experts and determine the best way to share their knowledge. It is then necessary to train the trainers in each country in order to properly communicate what the group wants to convey.

From copper management to working capital requirements to conducting annual performance reviews, the Nexans University offers 84 training courses in 10 languages, many of which were developed by Nexans for Nexans and its employees.

Nexans University received a Bronze Award for Best Innovative Corporate University from the Global Council of Corporate Universities in March 2013.  

Promoting internal networks

Nexans promotes the development of networks and teamwork with technological and functional communities of experts, Clubs dedicated to a market segment and theme events.

These transversal teams allow Nexans to transmit knowledge, to compare experiences, to identify and share best practices, to deploy innovation, and to promote continuous improvement in all fields. This approach is supported by online collaborative tools and intranets.

In 2014

347,763 total training hours