Solutions for Any Environment

Nexans has identified three (3) main zones of harsh conditions in the industrial space.  They are:

Zone A: Infrastructure IT cabling - Light Duty Cables

This area is the link between the office and the industrial environment. Cables are installed in a ceiling tray and do not come into contact with machinery or harsh conditions. Zone A typically includes access controls, IP cameras and wireless access points.

Zone B: Control panel Interconnection - Medium Duty Cables

This area is within your industrial environment, so cables are exposed to variable temperatures, electrical noise, dust, and other conditions. Zone B cabling connects your PLCs, HMIs, PC-based controllers, and other monitoring devices.

Zone C: The most demanding conditions - Heavy Duty Cables

This is the most extreme area of your industrial environment, where cables are exposed to repetitive motion, extreme temperatures, oil, dust, and humidity. Zone C cabling connects your motors, robotics, tanks, valves, and process automation equipment.