Light Up The World

A Nexans Foundation partnership aims to fight energy poverty in Peru


It is estimated that over one billion people around the world, mostly in developing countries, do not have access to electricity. In Peru, for instance, nearly one million rural families live without electricity, often resorting to the use of candles and disposable batteries for some of their most basic day-to-day energy needs.

This summer, the Nexans Foundation began supporting the work of Light Up The World (LUTW) – a Canadian non-profit organization focused on fighting energy poverty in a sustainable way. With support from Nexans Peru, LUTW’s teams in Calgary and Lima will bring solar energy to people in this Latin American country, renowned for Incan civilization and the iconic Machu Picchu citadel, by training them in photovoltaic (PV) systems.

LUTW’s mandate is to provide families living off the grid with affordable, healthy, efficient and environmentally responsible PV electricity to power basic devices in their homes, in a way that can become self-sustaining. This initiative – known as “Solar for Off-Grid Homes in Rural Peru” -- will be achieved, in part, through the deployment of 50 PV systems to families in rural areas throughout the country, like Ancash, Apurimac, Ayacucho and Huánuco. 

By teaching locals how to install and maintain solar technology, this initiative will give them the opportunity to become solar promoters and technicians, providing and deploying PV technology in rural areas for families at an affordable price. LUTW, which has been actively involved in planning and bringing energy to Peru for seven years, has already developed solar kits based on local needs, with products available in Peru that make sense for rural areas.

LUTW’s short-term goal is to provide 50 homes with appropriately-sized PV systems, which will generate approximately 1,900 kWh of clean electricity per year. This will help to improve living conditions and offer low-income Peruvian families access to energy at an affordable price. After accomplishing this goal, LUTW plans to continue to increase the number of families who have access to solar electricity.


Find out how the Nexans Foundation is working to end energy poverty. To learn more about Light Up The World’s other exciting initiatives, visit its website.