AGICITY: Nexans’ electric vehicle fast-charging solution

Nexans, in partnership with IES Synergy, has crafted the perfect electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging solution.

As carbon emissions from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles continue to threaten the environment, electric vehicles are becoming a favourable alternative. In fact, EV sales in Canada and the US – where approximately one-fifth of the world’s EV sales currently take place – is set to grow about 22% per year, up to 2025. By 2025, an estimated 9.3 million EVs will be on the roads, which means there must be more EV charging infrastructure across North America.

To help your organization adapt to this growing EV demand, Nexans is partnering with EV charging manufacturing expert IES Synergy to develop a fast-charging EV charging solution known as AGICITY in North America.

agicity 2

Our 24 kW DC (direct current) fast chargers, available in single or dual output configurations (suitable for CCS/CHAdeMO connectors), can energize any EV on the current market in just 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the car model.

Not only are these EV chargers extremely fast, but the total cost, including installation and subscription for power, is three times less expensive than a 50 kW charging station. In addition, they’re completely sealed from the outside with built-in cooling and heating capabilities in a hermetic design, rather than having an open portion for temperature control. This means they require less maintenance and have a longer overall lifetime than other EV charging models since they aren’t exposed to dust.

Concerned about how the frigid North American winters and blazing summers will affect our charging stations? These models can withstand below-freezing temperatures and summer heat – making Nexans’ AGICITY ideal for public areas like restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, parking lots, government buildings and car dealerships.

Remote supervision and troubleshooting will also be available to customers.

“Nexans assists its customers at each stage of the implementation and operation of EV charging infrastructure,” says Dirk Steinbrink, Chief Technical Officer at Nexans. ”Our teams provide project support from the definition of needs and design of customized systems, and throughout the infrastructure’s entire lifecycle including manufacturing, installation and sale.”

In short, Nexans AGICITY provides any organization looking to invest in electric mobility with a cost-effective, long-lasting way to charge EVs.