CA Score Process Verified by UL

The Converged Application (CA) Score evaluates how a cable will perform in real-world conditions

Application convergence, increasing bandwidth demand, high power PoE, and evolving wireless technology are stressing network infrastructure like never before. The Converged Application (CA) Score is a testing methodology developed by Berk-Tek, a Nexans company, that goes beyond traditional decibel-based testing to assess real-world scenarios that are designed to measure how well LAN cables perform under the stress of converging applications.

Recently, our CA Score Process was verified by UL through an objective, science-based assessment that confirmed the accuracy of the procedural documents, training records, calibrated equipment, and system functionality. UL Verification validates the CA Score Process, reinforcing the fact that our customers are getting the most relevant, accurate information they need to effectively evaluate which LAN cabling solutions will meet both their current and future needs.

The CA Score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm that combines the results of tests that measure Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for VoIP quality, Frame Error Rate (FER) for IP data, and Media Loss Rate (MLR), along with heat rise from Power over Ethernet (PoE). All testing is conducted over a specially designed 100- meter, four-connector channel. The score is represented by a numeric value between 1 and 10. Cables with higher CA Scores perform better by protecting your IP traffic from the effects of heat and noise.

A CA Score of 8.6 means that your IP infrastructure performance is outstanding, resulting in near flawless application performance, and that there is relatively low heat rise under the strain of high power PoE. Conversely, a low CA Score such as 3.6 would mean you could expect to see and hear flaws (errors) and encounter frustrating delays. For example, VoIP calls would usually sound choppy, streaming video would have regular interruptions (many per hour) in both audio and visual quality, and files would take longer to open.

To optimize your network performance, we offer a range of LAN cabling solutions that offer superior performance under the stress of converging applications.  These include:

  • LANmark-IP for high-power and low-bandwidth applications (CA Score: 8.1)
  • LANmark-HD to connect and power IP-enabled AV equipment
  • LANmark-1000 for workstation applications, security cameras, and access control (CA Score: 7.3)
  • LANmark-SST for high-bandwidth, high-power applications like wireless access points and HD video (CA Score: 8.6)