Products that can withstand extreme conditions from all our divisions

No matter the challenge, there’s a Nexans cable to meet it.

You might already know that Nexans offers an extensive range of cables and cabling solutions that transmit power and information to millions of people, communities and industries worldwide. But did you know just how innovative and resilient our products are in some of the most challenging and demanding environments on earth? Here are just a few examples to give you a taste of just how capable our cables are:

Crush and Impact Resistant CIR®– Oil & Gas/Mining/Industrial

This highly robust cable has been successfully used globally since 2002 for mission-critical equipment operating in harsh environments. Passing the same stringent crush and impact testing required by UL 2225 for Type MC (Metal Clad), it’s also highly flexible as well as faster and safer to install – all without the need for an expensive box of tools and a complicated procedure for cable preparation.

Arctic-Grade CIR® – Oil & Gas/Mining/Industrial

These power, control and instrumentation cables have the same features as standard CIR, plus they are a flexible alternative to Type MC-HL (Metal Clad Hazardous Location) cables in extremely cold operating environments. Designed for extreme cold conditions – rated -65°C for the jacket and -75°C for insulation – they bring a whole new meaning to surviving Canadian winters.

AREMA-Compliant Signal Cables – Industrial

It takes 12 months to complete material testing to meet AREMA’s standards for long-term aging, heat deformation, cold temperature flexibility and water permeability amongst other performance requirements. These signal cables truly deliver – and are Low Smoke Zero Halogen to boot.

FLAMEX® – Industrial

These rail cables are designed to withstand fires so that equipment can remain functional and that safety systems like emergency lighting, fire detection, warning systems and doors continue to work. In fact, FLAMEX cables have proven to function for more than 90 minutes when exposed to flame.

FIREX® – Building & Industrial

These versatile low and medium voltage power cables are CSA-certified, protected by interlocked metallic armor and resistant to mechanical abuse, corrosion and sunlight. They’re ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including hazardous locations like chemical processing plants.

Submarine Cables – High Voltage

Nexans offers a complete range of underwater high voltage transmission power cables that withstand mechanical stress during the cable-laying process and operation. These cables are typically used as links between islands or platforms and can be hundreds of kilometres long.

CORFLEX® – Building & Industrial

Used in buildings and hazardous industrial applications, these cables are fire-resistant, water-resistant and sunlight-resistant. Armored with a corrugated aluminium sheath to protect against moisture and vapor damage, they can be used indoors, outdoors or underground, and are ideal for transitioning between different applications.

Machine Automation Cables – Industrial Ethernet

Resistant to abrasion and wear and tear from repetitive robotic movements, these Industrial Ethernet cables are quality tested through a series of vigorous mechanical tests to ensure proper data transmission despite constant movement.

Lo-Sag™ – Utilities

Ordinary overhead utility cables tend to sag over time due to snow, ice or age. Lo-Sag™, however, a state-of-the-art conductor composite system, has a durable, carbon fiber core to prevent sagging and can spans up to 2.5 km, reducing the need for additional towers in the landscape.