Meet the team behind our cable system solutions for industrial environments

The Nexans AmerCable Systems Group.

Our highly-specialized cable assemblies and accessories for industrial environments are created by a skilled and experienced team known as the Nexans AmerCable Systems Group.

This group has been developing customized solutions for customers since early 1998, when AmerCable opened Offshore Marine Cable Specialists (OMCS) in Houston, Texas. The organization acted as its distribution group for the Gulf of Mexico’s upstream oil and gas market.  Responding to customer requests, OMCS began delivering project-specific, harsh environment cable systems (cable + installed coupler) and expanded to include fiber-optic assemblies. What started as a two-person back-office operation became today’s Systems Group, employing 26 highly skilled and experienced workers operating in a 55,000 square-foot workspace.

This team is unique in the sense that they produce cables and then assemble different solutions by hand -- there is no automated way to do the complex wiring. They also operate a state-of-the-art testing center so each project arrives at its job site tested and ready to go.  

Learn about the key products produced by the Nexans AmerCable Systems Group below:

TOP DRIVE SERVICE LOOPS (service lines for top drives – drilling rig motors)

img 1 amercable systems
Nexans AmerCable has been producing cable cores for service loop OEMs since 1993 and began officially producing its own line of service loops in 2002. The production of hose-encased top drive service loops requires a lot of manufacturing expertise and space, as some deepwater offshore loops are more than 300 feet long and 12” in diameter.

As an alternative to hose-encased loops, in 2017 the Group designed AmerLinkTM, a new, patented service loop for the next generation of high-powered, land-based top drives. AmerLink offers many advantages over hose-encased loops. Nexans’ Systems Group offers standard service loops for the most popular top drives, and also custom loops for unusual applications or operating conditions.







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Our Systems Group designs and manufactures customized junction boxes, which store and protect cable connections. Our skilled employees produce a variety of junction box sizes depending on our customer’s requirements, including standard and hazardous location versions.














Offshore bridles are perhaps one of the most customized and complex system solutions produced by our Systems Group.  Each system presents unique engineering challenges that require innovative thinking to deliver a connecting apparatus with reliable service in extremely harsh, dynamic operating environments. Our Systems Group works with each customer from design to installation.
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Whether you need a custom, pre-assembled, installation-ready cable solution or a junction box large enough to protect all of your cable connections, our Systems Group is ready to create a specialized solution based on your organization’s needs.