Our new, free tool will calculate the cost of owning 100G & 400G technologies

A simple way to decide on your organization’s networking speeds.

As data needs become increasingly more complex, organizations are quickly moving past 10G and 40G Ethernet and towards more efficient 100G and 400G connectivity technologies. In fact, your company may be considering making this very move.

But before you take the leap, it’s important to understand some of the new challenges that come with building out a 100G or 400G network, including the true cost of owning it.

In the past, companies have looked at costs for components like cables and transceivers independently when making a decision. However, it actually makes more sense to look at all the parts of a transmission link together as a system. By taking a holistic approach to assessing performance, cost and logistics of a network, you can explore the true total cost of ownership.

But how do you do it?

Nexans has developed a new, web-based tool called Own the Link Cost Savings Calculator that makes it easier to estimate the total cost of 10G, 40G, 100G and 400G connectivity in your data center. This handy calculator considers variables like distance, number of segments and transceiver prices to help you calculate potential savings in various scenarios.

By comparing different architectures with respect to total cost of ownership, power budget, and the cost of a link in terms of dollars per gigabit per second, your designers, installers and project managers can gain valuable insight into the total cost of ownership of deploying these state-of-the-art links. And that can keep your optical fiber architecture at the top of its game.

The Own the Link calculator is just one of many tools – like our voltage drop calculator, which can calculate a cable’s voltage drop in a particular application –  that simplify decision making and help you optimize the costs and peformance of your power cables.

While the 10G/40G calculator is currently available, the 100G/400G calculator will be added to the tool soon as well.

Access the Own the Link Cost Savings Calculator here.