Light Up The World: Peru Update

Nexans Foundation partnership is lighting up energy-impoverished Peru

It’s estimated that over one billion people around the world, mostly in developing countries, don’t have access to electricity. In Peru, for example, nearly one million rural families live without electricity, often resorting to the use of candles and disposable batteries for some of their most basic day-to-day energy needs.

Last year, the Nexans Foundation began sponsoring Light Up The World (LUTW) – a Canadian non-profit organization that shares its focus on fighting energy poverty and on changing lives through access to energy. With support from Nexans North America and Nexans Peru, LUTW’s teams in Calgary and Lima are bringing solar energy to people across the Andes mountains, by training them in photovoltaic (PV) systems and contributing to solar sustainability.

The collaboration between the Nexans Foundation and LUTW has been a big success so far. The Nexans Foundation has enabled LUTW to supply 80 families with solar energy technologies in numerous off-grid communities across the Peruvian Andres. This program, which is offering access to energy at an affordable price for low-income Peruvian families living without power, is improving the living conditions for rural families.

The initiative has also:

  • Improved living conditions for 311 Peruvians, through delivery of clean, affordable and sustainable energy
  • Delivered energy to the most vulnerable and hardest to reach groups in Peru – 73% of which are farmers and key to the sustainable development of the country
  • Avoided the usage of an estimated 3,745 cell batteries, saving beneficiaries nearly $50 US a year and improving the household quality of light by 378 lumens.
  • Generated 1,460 kWh of clean energy per year, with 80 solar systems avoiding 28 metric tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The Nexans Foundation’s collaboration with LUTW has also supported the training of 16 community solar agents who promote and enable the adoption of solar energy technologies in their local communities.

To find out how the Nexans Foundation is working to end energy poverty, click here. To learn more about Light Up The World’s other exciting initiatives, visit its website.