Need Help With Your Wire and Cable Applications?

Take advantage of our world-class customer training and calculation services

As a Nexans customer, you can take advantage of several services offered by our engineering experts to help with wire and cable applications. These include staff training on everything from the fundamentals of wire and cable to UL/CSA regulation updates to US and Canada Electrical Codes and their influence on wire and cable installation and applications.


As well, we can help you with critical physical and electrical property calculations. These can include impedances to ensure the correct cables are used to support your electrical system requirements, voltage drop calculations to prevent motor damage from using too long of a length of cable and conductor ampacity to confirm how much of an electrical load a cable can safely handle.


For industrial and utility systems, short circuit rating studies can be performed to ensure a cable withstands the fault current capability of the system – especially for industrial and utility systems. Of course, physical property calculations such as pulling tension and minimum bending radius can always be provided – these can help with building installations as well as sag and tension calculations for overhead utility cables.


Finally, with our Berk-Tek data cables, the TEK Center gives you access to expert support services before, during and after installation.


Our dedicated team of engineers and applications specialists responds to hundreds of customer phone calls and email inquiries per month, responding to questions ranging from product specifications to installation practices to future-proofing their networks. We also provide onsite field support by engineers, product managers and technical support experts.


To learn more, speak to your Nexans representative and take advantage of our world-class engineering and technical field support to ensure your successful project execution.