New Services Spotlight: Supply Chain & Operations

Reduce capital, speed up time to market and lower costs.

Did you know Nexans doesn’t just design and develop an extensive range of advanced cabling systems and infrastructure for power and data transmission?


We also provide a variety of value-added supply chain and operations services to help you reduce working capital, accelerate your time to market and reduce overall operational costs. These services ensure the success of each phase of your project as well as the efficiency of business operations – including smart inventory management, advanced logistics, connected drums.


Smart Inventory Management

Nexans makes it easier for your organization to streamline inventory through our RFID technology based solution and demand-driven supply models, which help you more easily monitor your stock and manage your inventories in real time – from Nexans factories, through transit, unloading and receiving to consumption, stock counting, ordering and replenishment. Thanks to smart inventory solution, some Nexans clients have seen their inventory reduced by nearly 40%, their customer lead times drop 54% and the need for storage space cut in half.


Advanced Logistics

Large projects are often constrained by confined worksites, with no space for storage, the risk of cable theft and high penalties for delays. Nexans’ end-to-end cable logistics solution offers securization, traceability and a full view of stock localization and availability, through convenient cable storage, cut-to-length cables and transportation monitored via our web platform. This service can ensure your project is optimally executed with just-in-time delivery, reduced project site congestion, a better handle on your budget and reduced theft of cables.


Connected Drums

Do you know where your drums are? Nexans’ IoT (Internet of Things) GPS reel tracking through a webplatform senses for temperature and movement, and offers real-time push notifications for reels leaving our plants and delivered to project sites, detects cable theft and manages residual length. For one of our clients in France, drum rotation cycle time and cost were reduced by 25%.


Engineering Services

Nexans also offers a host of engineering expertise and services, including Architecture Design, using modelling and simulation software, CAD drawings and prototyping, to design cabling architectures that optimize cost, reliability and power efficiency. A recent Nexans optimization of a 149-turbine windfarm project resulted in CAPEX savings of 8.7%.


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