Nexans Exhibiting at Distributech Booth #846

January 29-31st San Diego, California

Dynamic Line Rating Systems
30% More Capacity 95% Less Cost
Utilities across the United States are choosing Nexans Cat-1™ technology to increase their grid capacity.
Nexans is the leading provider of the Dynamic Line Rating System (DLR).  This innovative CAT-1™ monitoring system is the only proven technology on the market that accurately monitors line conditions to provide real time ratings directly to the Control Room and EMS.

The power of the DLR technology extends from operations, to system planning to generation and energy trading.
CAT-1 improves grid efficiency, removes congestion points, eliminates unnecessary switching and maintains NERC compliance in all conditions.
Our Dynamic Line Ratings experts will be available at Nexans booth 846 to discuss how CAT-1™ Technology is being applied to solve today's critical transmission issues and optimize grid performance, including the following:
• Up to 30% line capacity improvement
• Immediate removal of transmission congestion points
• NERC Alert clearance mitigation without physical upgrades
• Instant capacity for Renewable integration
• Avoiding unnecessary operations and TLRs during emergency conditions
• Improving system reliability and NERC Compliance assurance
• Day Ahead and Day Of Forecasting for optimized grid economics
• Complete WASA in real time grid operations
• Accurate Ice Condition Monitoring available in the EMS
Visit us at booth 846 to find out how we can provide you a solution. 

Please join us for Transmission Track on Wednesday January 30th at 9:30 am.  This will be a panel session of industry experts discussing the applications and implications of Dynamic Line Ratings.
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