Nexans to present flexible energy and control cables for crane applications at TOC Europe 2007

Cable solutions for spreader applications with integrated bus cables or tensile strength measurement

TOC Europe 2007
Stand B32
June 19-21

Mönchengladbach, 22 May 2007 – At TOC Europe 2007 (the leading Terminal Operations Conference and trade fair), Nexans is presenting crane cable solutions for spreader, reeling and festoon applications. Nexans’ range of materials handling cables is designed specifically for the extreme mechanical and dynamic requirements of crane applications. Fo example, reeling and spreader cables are optimized to offer reduced outer dimensions, lower weight and increased tensile load. This enables the complete reeling system to be cheaper, more effective and better suited for modern high-end crane applications.

In addition to the cable solutions, Nexans is also presenting two new control cables for drum spreader applications. The first of these new products has an integrated bus system, the second one is able to measure the tensile load during operation. Further, Nexans is also exhibiting a modified basket spreader cable.

High-tech for STS-cranes: cable with integrated bus system
There is an ever increasing demand for data transfer between the crane and the port control centre. In order to this requirement, Nexans has developed a new control cable, RHEYCORD(RTS) SPREADER-BUS, that features an integrated bus system without increasing the overall diameter of the cable. This enables this cable to be used in existing spreader drums for maintenance.

Changing resistance of sensor cores provides tensile load information
Nexans’ second new spreader cable, RHEYCORD(RTS) SPREADER-DSC, features two integrated two sensor cores in addition to the control cores. The electrical resistance of the sensor cores changes according to the changing load on the cable, and this change is measured to provide information about the tensile load in the cable. This new approach makes it is possible to measure the tensile load in a spreader cable during operation without stopping. Moreover, the external dimensions of cable enable it to be used in existing spreader drums.
In order to ensure durability in the extreme conditions found in high-end port applications  Nexans has established a Handling Application Center, located in Lyon/ France. This new test facility is unique in the world and makes it possible to test all cable requirements in crane applications such as torsion, traction, bending and flexibility in real-time simulations.

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