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Reel Time Article from June 2007 Cabling Business Magazine

In the February issue of CBM, we discussed the benefits of armored fiber optic cable – including space and cost savings. Interlocking armor cable was developed to be installed indoors in both plenum and riser spaces without the use of conduit. Soon after, indoor/outdoor versions became available. Armored cable is robust, but yet special care and consideration must be taken to properly install the cable. Failure to do so may damage the cable or optical fibers.

As with all cable installations, following manufacturers’ guidelines will help ensure cable integrity and stated performance. Make sure you are aware of the tensile load, which is usually found on the cable specification document. The tensile load during installation is the maximum pull load that the cable can sustain while using a properly installed pulling grip. The cable diameter also found in the cable specification sheet, will dictate the size of the pulling grip required. This article will detail the steps for successfully prepping interlocking-armor cable prior to installation. In this scenario, Armor-Tek™, manufactured by Berk-Tek, is the model.

Download a pdf of the complete article for illustrations and complete pulling grip installation details.

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