Fret Paint

Reel Time March 2009, Cabling Business Magazine

Paint cans and cable
by Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, of Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company
Paint a picture, paint your wagon, paint your nails or paint your walls -- but don’t paint your cable. In far too many instances, when ceilings and walls get painted, so does the exposed cable. Or some contractors will even paint the cable to “match” the décor. In fact, as I was doing on-line research, I came across a company (non-U.S.) that actually offers non-drying custom-color paint for the sole purpose of applying it to cable as a way to uniquely identify it to further prevent theft.  
Purposely painting cable, or even if done by accident – such as incidences where walls and ceilings (most often occurring in the telecom room (TR) are being spray painted after the cable is already installed – can alter the cable performance.   Water based paints may contain water, but they typically contain other solvents as well. These solvents can attack the cable jacket, which in turn, can alter the cable’s mechanical properties. Ultimately, this can affect the durability of the cable and may even affect its electrical characteristics in some cases. In addition, painting the cable covers up any legends or markings, including any standards’ listing which is critical, especially when installed in plenum spaces. As a result, cable manufacturers cannot guarantee performance if any properties of the cable, including the jacket, has been altered.

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