Cracking the Color Code

Reel Time July 2008, Cabling Business Magazine

Reel Time July 2008 Colors

By: Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company

Q. When terminating a four-pair cable, sometimes it is very hard to tell the difference between the blue and green pair and also between the brown and orange pair.  Where did these colors originate from and how come there is a difference of color intensity between cables?

A. I hear you loud and clear.  This seems to be an on-going challenge with installers.  In the times that I have had to actually punchdown a four-pair into an RJ-45 jack, it has been a very slow process if done with inadequate lighting (such as on a trade show floor during demo set-up).  And the problem is that color-coding and proper termination of each wire color is very important in LAN wiring because the signals are polarity sensitive – reversing a pair will cause a failure, as I quickly found out the hard way.

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