N-LINE – Installers’ dream come true

“Time is money; specially for our customers.”   

   N-LINE – Installers dream


N-LINE – Installers dream

N-LINE – Installers dream

N-LINE – Installers dream




No “pull” needed

Building wiring has often used corrugated tubes which are first installed before wires are pulled through to each connection point. Because customers prefer conduits with pre-drawn conductors inside, we developed the N-Line solution which is easy to transport and protects against mechanical damage, dirt and water. 


One-step packaging

The cost of preparing and packaging the cable is higher than simple plastic wrapping, but it pays off in time-savings to the installer which accounts for its success in Norway. We keep down costs by producing it in one step with an automatic packaging assembly which makes it highly competitive in the market.


Double target

When planning N-Line, we had two targets before us: first, to be the most cost-effective possible in terms of production; and secondly to provide the customer with enhanced features through functional “smart” packaging. So, we designed a production line where the wires were laid directly inside the tubes and not inserted afterwards in a separate process as our competitors do. For the customer, we developed a solution where the conduit could be pulled out of the box easily, while the rest is kept protected inside.


Smart Packaging

The Langhus production line also incorporates inline compounding using gravimetric dosing in combination with a high-speed extruder. The HFFR compound was developed in cooperation with the NRC. It also features a spooler with an integrated automatic unit for inserting the reel into the box before palletizing. This makes production and packaging even more cost-effective. Our sales force is thrilled by the possibility of delivering various types of cable in this Smart Packaging, including pre-drawn LAN cables from Fumay and other standard cable types.