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Preparing businesses for the future with Industrial Ethernet and Data Center Solutions

Connecting the factory floor, office and internet: According to recent surveys, the use of Industrial Ethernet to connect, control and monitor factories is growing by 20% annually. This transformation, referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, is encouraging manufacturers to migrate from legacy Fieldbus systems to the modern Industrial Ethernet – the network of choice for its simplicity, scalability, diagnostic capabilities and high performance. Nexans’ new Industrial Solutions give businesses the confidence to make the connection to the Industrial Ethernet and achieve 100% uptime. Learn more >

Helping to build the hyper-connected world:  Nexans Data Center Solutions is building a hyper-connected world powered by its hyperscale data center products and services, which harnesses massive computing power that analyses and processes the vast stream of data generated by billions of connected devices. Partnering with its customers, Nexans solutions can fix and scale hyperscale data centers by overcoming physical-layer-related network challenges, as well as industrializing new concepts and approaches.  Recently our products were recognized with a 2018 Lightwave Innovation award. Learn more >