Paced for Growth

Becoming the leader in advanced cabling and connectivity solutions

As the world’s population and economy continue to grow, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts we will need 48% more energy in 20 years than we use today. By then, new energy infrastructures are likely to have emerged, especially as distributed energy systems go live, bringing new challenges and opportunities to the cabling industry.

At Nexans, our aim is to support the global transition driven by energy and the data revolution. And we believe that our 2018-2022 ‘Paced for Growth’ strategic plan – centered around continuing to improve performance through cost competitiveness, building on core strengths in our established markets and developing new offers linked to critical megatrends like energy transition and global mobility – will help us to go further in the innovation and differentiation of our activities on a global scale and deliver the cutting-edge cabling and connectivity solutions our customers need.

Anticipates customer needs

In the years ahead, we’re preparing to meet our customers challenges in four key market segments:

  • Building & Territories: providing new sustainable and smart solutions including e-mobility and the energy transition
  • High Voltage & Projects: continuing to grow in the subsea cabling business while improving high-voltage land cabling competiveness, helping customers find the most efficient and reliable cable solution
  • Telecom & Data: supporting customers in selecting the right copper or optical fiber infrastructure, providing plug-and-play cable and connectivity solutions, with a specific offer for hyperscale data centers
  • Industry & Solutions: partnering with original equipment manufacturers to develop customized cabling and connectivity solutions for power, data transmission and automation needs.

Leveraging our capacities

To implement our plan and meet customers’ needs, we are underpinning our strategy with six enablers:

  1. Cost competitiveness: We are targeting the reduction of raw material purchasing costs and reducing its consumption by redesign to cost analysis, and more.
  2. Operational efficiency: Enabled by the development of factories of the future, we will increase productivity by upgrading assets, focusing on operational reliability, lean manufacturing and optimized processes.
  3. Agile innovation: While 70% of Nexans’ R&D investment is dedicated to optimizing core existing products, 20% will be allocated to innovation aimed at expanding into businesses that are new to the company, and 10% will be dedicated to industry breakthroughs and inventions.
  4. Sales excellence: We are boosting our salesforce through training and an increased focus based on global client relationship management.
  5. Digital transformation: We will build on automation and data & analytics platforms to streamline operations, and harness technology to, develop new competencies, improve customer experiences and refine our understanding of evolving customer needs.
  6. Organization and people: We will continue to rely on Nexans’ people, acquiring new skills and capabilities in sales, customer services, as well as product design and development.

Bolstered by our long-term strategy, anticipation of customer needs and our strong people-, product- and innovation-driven capabilities, Nexans is poised to fulfill its mission in the coming years – providing the systems that deliver energy and data, and build the essential link that transports information and power to everyone, everywhere.'

paced for growth