Experience the TEK Center

Test out our networking products and determine the best ones for your applications.

When it comes to industry trends and emerging products, it can be challenging to stay on top of all the new technology.

Nexans’ New Holland-based TEK Center in Pennsylvania makes life easier by offering Nexans customers the chance to experience and interact with copper and fiber solutions as well as a whole range of accessories. In other words, now you can experience and test out products before purchasing them. 

The over 7,000-square-foot testing space includes a working data center, an enterprise space, an applications lab and a materials lab, offering a variety of ways to learn about, assess and test our products and technologies and find the ones that best suit your needs.

The Data Center Showcase

At the Data Center showcase, you can interact with different network applications and migration paths, customized to your specific requirements. Consult with industry experts on which products are best suited for particular applications. To top it all off, our staff will help you determine which top-quality products suit your application for the best price.

Enterprise Space

Curious about how our products function in real life? The Enterprise Space enables customers to experience Nexans products in real indoor and outdoor environments, like security systems and office spaces as well as campus-specific applications. 

Applications Lab

If you’re interested in putting our products to the test, the Applications Lab allows you to watch our products endure stress and other durability experiments to see how they function under challenging conditions.

Materials Lab

At the Materials Lab, our team of passionate engineers develop new product materials and specifications, and explore enhancements to our existing products.

Whether you want to test out a specific product or learn about our data-related developments, the TEK Center offers invaluable services for network professionals. Book your visit there today.