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Berk-Tek announces a PoE Extender System and a Direct Attach Warranty

Today’s networks are adding more and more applications outside of data and voice, which were previously run on diverse and proprietary systems. These include security cameras, access control systems and access points.  Utilizing structured cabling principles and Ethernet protocols for these applications has created some unusual “gray area” challenges for cable designers, installers and equipment manufacturers. Much is attributed to the uniqueness of the device requirements and the varied installed environments. As a result, Berk-Tek is addressing these challenges with unique cabling solutions.
Extending Power Over Ethernet to long-distance runs
One of these challenges is getting power out to devices where an electrical outlet does not exist and would be expensive to add. Power over Ethernet was introduced to provide power to low-voltage devices over twisted pair, which limits the distance to 100 meters. This works fine for voice over IP as the locations were within the 100 meters from the TR to the work area. However, when a camera needs to be installed outside of a LAN environment, such as in a parking lot, getting power past the 100-meter limitation has not been an option. Until now.
OneReach system With Berk-Tek’s new OneReach solution, both power and data can extend to distances out to 3,850 feet through the deployment of a composite copper/fiber cable and media converters.  By utilizing the OneReach system with one cable with one pull, installation costs are lowered as well as eliminating the cost of an electrical outlet. 
The OneReach System is an integrated power and data cabling system that consists of three segments: Power Injection (PI), OneReach Cable Assembly (OCA) and Remote PoE Port (RPP). These components have been engineered to work together to ensure power (over copper) and data (over fiber) for a single or multiple remote devices. The specific component configuration will be determined by the number of remote devices to be supported, the distance of the RPP from the TR and the environmental conditions of the installation.
OneReach enables the power to be injected by the powered PI located in the TR. The PI is available as a media module or a rack mountable powered patch panel (midspan). By locating this device in the closet, users are able to consolidate UPS devices and and simplify device management. Power travels over copper conductors within the OCA and terminates into the passive RPP. From there, RJ-45 connectivity through a patch cord or horizontal cable connects to the IP device. 
The OCA consists of the Berk-Tek CL3R-OF-rated composite copper/fiber cable within a single jacket. This cable combines either 12 AWG or 18 AWG stranded conductors with tight-buffered or loose tube optical fiber cable designs to support 1- or 4-port remote devices. This cable can be built to specific length requirements and pre-terminated with pre-tested optical fiber connectors for the fiber and an M8 connector for power on the remote end device.  The local end attaches to the media module with standard LC connectors and easy-to-attach screw terminals. 
Expanding the OASIS Warranty for Direct Attach
Another unique solution is not a physical product but a warranty program that extends beyond the TIA-568 standards. Oftentimes devices, such as security cameras, are installed in areas where a workstation outlet and patch cord are not feasible. Therefore, the only solution for structured cabling is to connect a plug to the end of the solid-conductor horizontal cable and plug it directly into the IP camera. This is known as a “Direct Attach.” 
Direct Attach Although this does not comply with premises cabling installation per the TIA-568-C or BICSI’s TDMM, it is accepted by the TIA-862 Building Automation Systems standard. The TIA-862 standard allows the elimination of a workstation outlet and patch cord at the device end, when deemed unsafe and unfeasible. This is not limited to cameras but can be applied to  access controls, industrial sensors, lighting controls and wireless access points.
Berk-Tek is the first cable manufacturer to  offer a warranty through the OASIS CSI (Certified Security Integrators) program. Berk-Tek’s OASIS 15-year warranty covers a plug-ended “direct attach” when using any RJ-45 plugs that meet the most recent TIA standards, installed to best practices through the OASIS CSI training and provide proper test results. Berk-Tek has tapped into testing methods from both Fluke Networks and IDEAL. Whereas IDEAL recommends steps during the calibration process, Fluke Networks offers a solution that will recognize these cable runs as “modified permanent links.” A modified permanent link combines a channel on the TR side with a permanent link at the device end. The Fluke Networks DTX certifying  tool tests to permanent link parameters.
Currently there is a standard in draft form, ANSI/BICSI-D005 for ESS devices, which is reviewing these unique scenarios and when ratified will  provide best installation recommendations. Berk-Tek is ahead of the game, by listening to their customer needs and providing solutions today.

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