Carving Up Tight Buffered Premises Optical Cable

November 2007 Reel Time from Cabling Business Magazine

You may have years of experience in the low-voltage world, but when faced with routing and terminating tight-buffered fiber optic cable, you will need to be familiar with some design features incorporated with these products. You may find yourself in a dark, dusty, tightly packed telecom room or in a large, well lit and ventilated data center with a coil of tight-buffered optic fiber optic cable that may be armored, or not, and may have a black, orange, yellow or aqua colored jacket. In any event, your job will be to properly attach the cable to the patch panel or wall housing and then install optical connectors on the fibers.

This article is intended to provide you with some field experience that will help you avoid the “gotcha’s” possible when working with tight buffered optical cabling.

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Carving Fiber