Go For the Green

Reel Time December 2007, Cabling Business Magazine

Q. It seems that most cable companies are promoting“going green” by adhering to RoHS. As a U.S. cable installer, why should I be concerned with a European initiative? And, what are some other programs that involve cable manufacturers to promote greening?
A. Once upon a time, doing something good for the environment simply meant tossing a newspaper in a recycling bin. Today, the effects of recycling, in conjunction with methods to reduce energy consumption and hazardous waste, has become a global concern. While we are all concerned about our landfills, skyrocketing oil prices and global warming, there are many ways we can make the world a “greener” place by applying improved manufacturing principles to our own specific industry. U.S. cable companies are making giant strides not only in manufacturing to RoHS standards, but also increasing their practices of recycling programs and cable reclamation, as well as energy savings within their facilities for the betterment of the environment. Research sharing, such as understanding and applying the EU’s RoHS principles in the U.S., as well as promoting our LEED® points system outside of this country, will benefit everyone.
However, it has to start from the selection of eco-friendly materials, as well as putting in place internal recycling programs. From there the concept will snowball to making a difference in the greening of one building, to a whole city to hopefully making a global impact. Let’s take a brief look at some of the challenges, opportunities and long-term benefits of programs that are affecting the cabling industry and that steps cable companies are taking to comply.
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