Reduce your Losses: Fiber Cassettes in the Data Center

Reel Time April 2008, Cabling Business Magazine

Data centers are information incubators. Global data generation – upwards of exabytes – must be sufficiently stored and managed each year. To meet this demand, outcroppings of data centers have been burgeoning and have created a need to carefully plan the cabling plant for today and tomorrow.
One of the main concerns with cable installations in today’s data centers is space efficiency, especially as it relates to airflow, which is critical for the safe and effective operation of the active equipment. This hot topic focuses on reducing cable congestion, which has opened the doors for installing MTP™/MPO pre-terminated fiber optic cabling systems. These systems increase port density and offer superior performance due to increased bandwidth over copper-based systems. So, selecting smaller diameter pre-terminated fiber cable assemblies, together with high-density MPO cassettes, is the smart choice when designing your data center’s cabling infrastructure.
Fiber MTP/MPO cassettes provide the transition from the multi-fiber array backbone to individual patching. This “plug and go” factory tested and terminated technology makes installation easier and provides more reliable performance. But when selecting fiber cassettes, link-loss budgets must be carefully considered. Since preterminated fiber solutions include many components, such as cassettes, cable, connectors and patch cords, the total loss needs to be less than the maximum specified by the networking system budget.
The complete article, Reduce your Losses: Fiber Cassettes in Data Centers, provides all you need to know on this hot data center topic.