Defining Structured Cabling

Reel Time November 2008, Cabling Business Magazine

Reel Time Nov 2008 Structured Cabling

By: Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company

Structured cabling is the essence of our industry. But, defining structured cabling is both simple and complex.  As more and more IP devices are being added to the network, the structured cabling system becomes the tie that binds – the key to any network’s reliability.  Standards’ based infrastructures are now replacing previously proprietary cabling systems, and as our industry enters these new markets and faces new trades, structured cabling becomes ever-evolving, yet constant.
So, as the BICSI Fall Conference coincided with the deadline of this month’s Reel Time article, I thought that conducting a “person-on-the-street” interview with attending experts, from all facets of our industry, was the best way to tackle this subject matter. The question posed was “What is structured cabling?” and/or “What does structured cabling mean to you?”  A lot of answers were concise and to the point, while some provided insight and clarity of the changing role and definition.  All vary, some only slightly, but all hit the mark.  This may be one article that many readers will keep as reference and find themselves repeating some of these great quotes.  And, if you do, please give credit to the source(s).

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