The Berk-Tek Optimized Cabling Platform

Keeping Business in Motion

Keeping Business in Motion


To keep your business in top form, you need an infrastructure second to none. Combining technology and manufacturing expertise with an unwavering focus on customer needs, Berk-Tek delivers just such a cabling solution. Read on to see how we do it. 

Product performance begins with strong engineer and design. The outstanding Berk-Tek product, process and manufacturing engineers are backed by an array of researchers and engineers within the Nexans R&D network. The dynamic interplay between the research, development and manufacturing focueses of our engineering teams delivers to you products guaranteed to perform.

Reliable product performance comes from the combination of a well-engineered product and stringent manufacturing processes. With state-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing, monitoring and testing, Berk-Tek facilities consistently exceed the stringent quality standards specified by the TL9000 designation. Every product is backed by our product warranty, and when installed as part of an OASIS or Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies System, extended warranties of 15 years and Limited Limetime, respectively, are available.

Our highly qualified sales force and technical support team provide industry expertise and experience to guide you through the entire project lifecycle, from the development of the design specification through the bidding process, to purchasing, installation and support.

You have many choices of where to buy Berk-Tek products as they are in stock with a variety of distribution channels nationwide. All of our distribution partners are commited to providing you with high-quality customer service and will work with you to ensure that your materials are available on time. 

Berk-Tek certifies only the most qualified cable installers who understand the applicable codes, guidelines and product capabilities, ensuring maximum network performance and proper installation.

Working with Berk-Tek means that you have a partner that has experience in virtually every installation and application environment, including stadiums, schools, airports, data centers and countless campuses and office buildings worldwide. Berk-Tek and Nexans help to guide the development of the standards that govern the structured cabling industry. With positions on industry steering committees, we facilitate the evolution of best practices.

With over 100 different network cable products, Berk-Tek offers one of the most complete product lines in industry, And our product array continues to grow with the enhancements to existing products and the addition of specialized cables to meet the specific needs of new markets and new applications.

In addition to our focus on exceeding technical cabling requirements, we also strive to be a leading corporate citizen. With environmentally-conscious manufacturing programs, progressive employment policies and a pledge to maintaining high-quality manufacturing facilities and jobs within the United States, Berk-Tek is committed not only to our customers, but also to our communities.

When you work with Berk-Tek, you access the entire Nexans global organization. This provides you with the support of an organization that is focused on leading the development of cabling technology into new markets worldwide.