See the Difference

If you’re responsible for Layer 1, shouldn’t you control all of Layer 1?  We think so, and we understand through years of TEK Center testing that the transceiver can have a tremendous effect on your Layer 1 performance.  When you source your transceivers from a trusted Layer 1 partner like Berk-Tek, you Own the Link.  And when you pair Berk-Tek’s premium transceivers with our GIGAlite™-10XB glass, you will See the Difference when you need longer reach and/or more connections than the standards allow…GUARANTEED. Berk-Tek transceivers are backed by not only a five-year warranty, but also by a company that’s been working to earn your trust since 1961.


Traditionally, transceivers have been purchased from equipment manufacturers. But since a transceiver’s performance has more to do with the cabling than the equipment, shouldn’t the cable and transceivers be specified together? This simplifies the supply and maintenance of the entire link. No more calling the switch or server manufacturers if you need support; simply call 1-800-BERK-TEK, and we will take care of everything. With Berk-Tek transceivers, you can own the entire link.


Ever-increasing bandwidth demand is driving changes to your network and data center. Rest assured that in the coming years, you will need more servers, more switches, and more storage capacity connected at higher data rates. Using Berk-Tek’s 40Gbps transceivers paired with our GIGAlite™-10XB glass, we guarantee enough power budget to support a link distance of up to 500 meters. Standard compliant solutions offer only 150 meters. Of course, you can trade off distance for more connections, but you have the flexibility to scale your network and data center to whatever your current and future needs require.


Berk-Tek is a company you know and trust. We have been manufacturing high-performing cabling products since 1961, and have been a partner in network communication solutions since 1985. There are many companies that will sell you a transceiver, but only one company that is backed by decades of proven quality, industry leading technical expertise, and unmatched customer service. Only one line of transceivers provides you with the assurance, trust and value that the Berk-Tek name represents.