Which Migration Path is Best for Your Data Center?

In the data center environment, migration paths are an important subject. Bandwidth demand is surging, brought on my exponential growth in the number of devices connected to IP networks, coupled with rapid expansion in the number and complexity of services managed by data centers. As a result, many data centers are being upgraded every 3-5 years. Determining a smart, cost-effective migration path early on is critical to the success of your organization.

How do you determine the best path forward?

There are many ways to approach this challenge, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Two typical examples are:

Approach #1: Install a minimally compliant cabling architecture. This allows your purchasing department to commoditize the components and buy on price, saving you money initially. However, when it’s time to upgrade your IT hardware, chances are you’ll have to spend significantly to replace the cable too. So, what is the deferred cost of your initial savings?

Approach #2: Install single-mode. This medium gives you significant bandwidth availability to allow for several generations of growth. But when you account for the cost of the transceiver, is this the most economic solution? And with new varieties of transceivers arriving on a regular basis, will you have the proper connectivity when you need it?

But there is another option…

Approach #3: By looking at the entire link (cabling plus transceivers), we can arrive at a more complete cost comparison. We can identify what solutions will actually work, and then compare the costs.

To determine the correct migration path, you need to consider many different variables, which are unique to your organization. What are the physical constraints of your design? What data rates are needed today and in the near future? What are the limitations of the various fiber options? What do they cost?

Berk-Tek can help. Our Own The Link Cost Calculator takes into account your specific variables, your future bandwidth requirements, and the cost of a complete cabling system including the transceivers. By examining all of these factors, we can help you arrive at a cost model that helps answer the fundamental question, “What is the best migration plan for my data center?”

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