BICSI 2016: Confessions of a First-Timer

BICSI-Booth_250x175A year ago, if you would have referred to a conference of information and communications technology professionals as anything other than a snooze-fest, I would have laughed (and probably rolled my eyes a little). I’m new to the IT world, having spent the past 17 years at print services and marketing companies. The first time I heard the word “BICSI,” I responded with “Gesundheit.”

But I will confess…after 6 days, 12 meeting hours, 3 customer dinners, 3 stints of booth duty, 4 training sessions, and roughly a thousand hours of lost sleep….I officially stand corrected.

I just returned from my first BICSI (the 2016 BICSI Winter Conference to be exact), which we at Berk-Tek (along with our partner Leviton) combined with our National Sales Meeting. And while I am completely exhausted, I am even more EXCITED by all of the smart, interesting people I met, the innovative work being done to advance our industry, and the kind of collaboration that can only happen when the best of the best gather together.

As a newbie who was completely blown away by my first BICSI experience, I’d like to make the following confessions:

BacklitPanel_150x200Confession 1: I wish I would have listened on Day 1, when people kept telling me to pace myself. And I’m not just talking about the late nights (although there were quite a few of those). I’m talking about the whirlwind of meetings, events, training, and networking that goes on at BICSI. The pace of change in our industry is head-spinning, and it can be a challenge to keep up.

Confession 2: I still have so much to learn about information and communications technology. What I’ve learned in my nine months in the industry is embarrassingly dwarfed by what I still don’t know. I see many more conversations with our TEK Center engineers in my future.

InfaredImage_150x200Confession 3: I may be a bit biased on this one, but the Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies booth was the best one on the floor! Our booth included a Cat 8 preview, Leviton’s new IT/AV Control system and Atlas-X1 Connectors, and several fiber racks displaying the latest technology. On the Berk-Tek side, we were showing off our newly launched line of transceivers, backed by our OWN THE LINK , value proposition. We also had a PoE display where visitors could see – and literally feel – the difference in heat rise when you transmit power over Cat 6A vs. Cat 5e cable bundles. (Something else I learned…this crowd loves an infrared camera!)

If you stopped by our booth, thank you! If not, no worries – you can still get your hands on some of our great resources on Transceivers, PoE, and Everything IP. Click the links below to learn more:

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