Success stories

Over the last 50 years Nexans Cryogenic Systems has been pioneer in the development of cryogenic systems with several world firsts in superconducting systems, ship-to-shore LH2 transfer systems, or particle accelerators. Discover here some of our key realisations.

LH2 Maritime Supply Chain : HySTRA project

6 inch

Nexans Highflex inner diameter

18 m

Total length of the line

40 tons/hour

LH2 flow rate

HySTRA project

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. built a ship-to-shore transfer terminal for liquefied hydrogen as part of the HESC demonstration initiative. 2 ports terminal have been equipped with Nexans HIGHFLEX solutions (Kobe in Japan and Hastings in Australia). Nexans equipped the loading arms with high-flexibility vacuum insulated transfer lines which connects the LH2 facility to the ships bunker stations. This is a world' first.

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LH2/LOX/GHe Aerospace infrastructures: Sriharikota High Altitude Range (SHAR)

DN16 to DN 150

Nexans Highflex references


Cryogenic fluids transfered

Sriharikota High Altitude Range (SHAR)

Satish Dhawan (SHAR) is a rocket launch space center with facilities for the launching of sounding rockets and multi-stage satellite launch vehicles, operated by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Nexans provided vacuum insulated flexible hoses for the safe transport of LH2 and LOX rocket fuel.

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Second Launch Pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota - Indian Space Research Organisation

LH2 Aerospace infrastructures: DLR German Aerospace Center

127/200 mm

Diameter of Nexans CRYOFLEX®

300 m

Total length of the line

> 30 years

Maintenance-free operation

DLR German Aerospace Center

DLR German Aerospace Center is the Federal Republic of Germany's research center for aeronautics and space. They conduct research and development activities in the fields of aeronautics, space, energy, transport. Nexans solutions equip the missile test stand with long distance LH2 transfer lines.

Nexans CRYOFLEX® is in operation in this facility

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LNG infrastructures : Seaspan


Seaspan, a leading independent owner, operator and manager of modern vessels uses Nexans vacuum insulated Highflex transfer lines type DN50 DN100 for LNG on bunker arms, including Highflex DN25 exhaust lines. The products are installed on a ferry going back and forth between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The refueling by means of LNG takes place from a truck directly on the ferry.

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Triumf particle accelerator

43 m

LHE line total length


Customized 4-wall Nexans CRYOFLEX® Design type

3 m

GHE line total length


GHe Nexans HIGHFLEX return line


Triumf in Vancouver is Canada’s particle accelerator centre, pushing the frontiers in research to advance science, medicine, and industry. The facility built a new cryogenic experiment that uses liquid helium as a primary cooling medium. Nexans designed specific transfer lines to supply the liquid helium cryostat from the helium liquefaction plant. In the installed system, part of the return gas from the cryostat is used to cool down a radiation shield that minimizes heat transfer to the liquid helium and reduces helium boil-off.

Key metrics

LHe line: 
- Customized 4-wall Nexans CRYOFLEX® design type 10/66
- GHe thermal shield using a fraction of the return gas (GHe)
- total length 43m

GHe return line: 
- total length: 3m

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